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Meet Merinda Park Learning and Community Centre

Merinda Park Learning and Community Centre is a not-for-profit community managed Centre, with a volunteer Committee of Management that provides strategic direction and oversight.
For over 30 years the Centre has provided a range of high-quality childcare, community services, educational classes and spaces for hire.
All our services are very affordable to the residents of Cranbourne within the City of Casey. 

We are a safe, friendly and welcoming Learn Local provider.

Cranbourne Community has trusted us for over 30 years

Merinda Park Learning and Community Centre commenced operation in June 1992.


The Centre continues to deliver family support, educational and vocational training, recreational and personal development activities to the local community of Cranbourne. Merinda Park is also 1 of 14 Neighbourhood Houses within the City of Casey that together contributed in excess of $45,058,070 of value to the community. This was based on data provided through extensive surveys conducted by Neighbourhood Houses Victoria in 2022.

School Holiday Care to Day Care

Learning English to Computer Classes

After School Care to Hiring a Kitchen

Pass the Citizenship Test to Hiring a Bus

Office Space available to Crochet Classes

Job Ready Skills to a Function Room for Celebrations


Merinda Park Learning and Community Centre
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